Effects of targeting SLC1A5 on inhibiting gastric cancer growth and tumor development

PMID 29100325


To investigate the oncogenic effects of SLC1A5 on gastric cancer development The expression level of SLC1A5 was detected in 70 gastric cancer paraffin-embedded tissues by immunohistochemistry and also was detected in gastric cancer cell lines by qRT-PCR and western blotting analysis. The effects of knockdown SLC1A5 were analyzed on cell proliferation, cell cycle, the ability of cell migration and invasion and growth signaling pathway SLC1A5 was up-regulated in gastric cancer tissues and was correlated with malignant features such as deeper local invasion, higher lymph node metastasis, advanced TNM stages and higher Ki-67 expression. Knockdown SLC1A5 in gastric cancer cells suppressed cell proliferation, caused G0/G1 arrest and inhibited cell invasion as well as migration partly by inactivated mTOR/p-70S6K1 signaling pathway Our results suggested that SLC1A5 might be considered as a new biomarker and also as a potential therapeutic target in gastric cancer.