Food research international (Ottawa, Ont.)

Study the effects of drying processes on chemical compositions in daylily flowers using flow injection mass spectrometric fingerprinting method and chemometrics.

PMID 29195977


Daylily flowers is an important vegetable in eastern Asia, widely used in many dishes. Daylily flowers are usually sold in dried forms in the supermarkets. There are a few method for processing fresh daylily flowers, however, no study has been conducted to analyze the effects of the processing methods in the composition of final products. In the present study, a flow-injection mass spectrometric fingerprinting (FIMS) method in combination with principal component analysis (PCA) was used to differentiate two species of daylily flowers (Mengzi and Chongli) with three different treatments (vacuum freeze drying, solar drying and hot-air drying treatments) for each. The results showed the fast and simple FIMS method could successfully differentiate between species (raw material) and treatments among each species. However, the two species could not be discriminated very well after being processed in hot-air drying treatment. The difference in chemical profiles of species and treatments were discussed.