Echocardiography (Mount Kisco, N.Y.)

Echocardiographic 3D-guided 2D planimetry in quantifying left-sided valvular heart disease.

PMID 29420834


Echocardiographic 3D-guided 2D planimetry can improve the accuracy of valvular disease assessment. Acquisition of 3D pyramidal dataset allows subsequent multiplanar reconstruction with accurate orthogonal plane alignment to obtain the correct borders of an anatomic orifice or flow area. Studies examining the 3D-guided 2D planimetry approach in left-sided valvular heart disease were identified and reviewed. The strongest evidence exists for estimating mitral valve area in patients with rheumatic mitral valve stenosis and vena contracta area in patients with mitral regurgitation (both primary and secondary). 3D-guided approach showed excellent feasibility and reproducibility in most studies, as well as time efficiency and good correlation with reference and comparator methods. Therefore, 3D-guided 2D planimetry can be used as an important clinical tool in quantifying left-sided valvular heart disease, especially mitral valve disorders.