Journal of inorganic biochemistry

Water soluble glucose derivative of thiocarbohydrazone acts as ionophore with cytotoxic effects on tumor cells.

PMID 29452884


A novel water-soluble ionophore based on the thiocarbohydrazone moiety conjugated with glucose (GluTch) was synthesized through a simple two-step procedure. Structural elucidation was carried out in water solution by means of various spectroscopic techniques (NMR, UV-Vis, and CD), electrospray ionization mass spectrometry and density functional theory calculations. The flexible nature of the thiocarbohydrazone moiety of the new glycoderivative compound induced both different coordination motifs and stoichiometry towards copper and zinc. Cytotoxicity assays of the ligands on the human normal keratinocyte NCTC-2544, MDA-MB-231 breast cancer and PC-3 human prostate adenocarcinoma cell lines demonstrated that i) higher activity on cancer cells growth inhibition compared to a normal cell line; ii) the introduction of the glucose unit does not alter the cytotoxic activity of the underivatized ionophore ligand and iii) the presence of copper ion improves the activity of the thiocarbohydrazones.