Annals of biomedical engineering

A new pulsatile flow visualization method using a photochromic dye with application to Doppler ultrasound.

PMID 2945500


A nonintrusive method for the visualization of pulsatile flow velocity profiles is described. The method is based on the use of a photochromic dye that is added to the fluid being studied and a nitrogen laser which excites the dye producing a marker "line" whose movement can be photographed. A microcomputer is used as a system controller, to coordinate the system timing and to manage the data transfer. The method used for analysis of the photographs to determine the velocity profiles is described. Examples are presented of instantaneous velocity profiles obtained from velocity waveforms that are similar to those of the femoral artery. In addition, application of the system for studying the relationship between Doppler ultrasound spectral recordings and flow velocity profiles is discussed.

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