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MiR-34a-5p mediates sevoflurane preconditioning induced inhibition of hypoxia/reoxygenation injury through STX1A in cardiomyocytes.

PMID 29554593


Anesthetic preconditioning is a cellular protective approach whereby exposure to a volatile anesthetic renders cardio injury. Sevoflurane preconditioning has been shown to exhibit cardio protective effect on hypoxia/reoxygenation (H/R) injury, but the underlying mechanism is unclear. Syntaxin 1A (STX1A), an important regulator in cardio disease, was predicted to be the target gene of microRNA-34a-5p (miR-34a-5p). The current research was designed to delineate the role of miR-34a-5p in regulating sevoflurane preconditioning in cardiomyocytes injury. In this study, the results demonstrated that the expression of STX1A was significantly increased, while miR-34a-5p was dramatically decreased in sev-preconditioning H9c2 cells as compared with cells only under H/R stimulation. Moreover, miR-34a-5p regulated the protective effect of sev-preconditioning in injured H9c2 cells by mediating cell proliferation and cell apoptosis. Additionally, the luciferase report confirmed the targeting reaction between STX1A and miR-34a-5p. Taken together, our study suggested that miR-34a-5p regulated sev-preconditioning induced inhibition of hypoxia/reoxygenation injury through mediating STX1A, provided a potential therapeutic target for anesthetic protection in cardio disease.