Scientific reports

Snf1/AMPK is involved in the mitotic spindle alignment in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

PMID 29643469


Before anaphase onset, budding yeast cells must align the mitotic spindle parallel to the mother-bud axis to ensure proper chromosome segregation. The protein kinase Snf1/AMPK is a highly conserved energy sensor, essential for adaptation to glucose limitation and in response to cellular stresses. However, recent findings indicate that it plays important functions also in non-limiting glucose conditions. Here we report a novel role of Snf1/AMPK in the progression through mitosis in glucose-repressing condition. We show that active Snf1 is localized to the bud neck from bud emergence to cytokinesis in a septin-dependent manner. In addition, loss of Snf1 induces a delay of the metaphase to anaphase transition that is due to a defect in the correct alignment of the mitotic spindle. In particular, genetic data indicate that Snf1 promotes spindle orientation acting in parallel with Dyn1 and in concert with Kar9. Altogether this study describes a new role for Snf1 in mitosis and connects cellular metabolism to mitosis progression.