Scientific reports

Selective equal spin Andreev reflection at vortex core center in magnetic semiconductor-superconductor heterostructure.

PMID 29777139


Sau, Lutchyn, Tewari and Das Sarma (SLTD) proposed a heterostructure consisting of a semiconducting thin film sandwiched between an s-wave superconductor and a magnetic insulator and showed possible Majorana zero mode. Here we study spin polarization of the vortex core states and spin selective Andreev reflection at the vortex center of the SLTD model. In the topological phase, the differential conductance at the vortex center contributed from the Andreev reflection, is spin selective and has a quantized value [Formula: see text] at zero bias. In the topological trivial phase, [Formula: see text] at the lowest quasiparticle energy of the vortex core is spin selective due to the spin-orbit coupling (SOC). Unlike in the topological phase, [Formula: see text] is suppressed in the Giaever limit and vanishes exactly at zero bias due to the quantum destruction interference.