Neural plasticity

Identification of Binding Partners of Deafness-Related Protein PDZD7.

PMID 29796015


PDZD7 is an important deafness gene, whose mutations are associated with syndromic and nonsyndromic hearing loss. PDZD7 contains multiple PDZ domains that are essential for organizing various proteins into protein complex. Several PDZD7-binding proteins have been identified, including usherin, ADGRV1, whirlin, harmonin, SANS, and MYO7A, all belonging to USH proteins. Here, we report the identification of novel PDZD7-binding partners through yeast two-hybrid screening using the first two PDZ domains of PDZD7 as bait. Eleven proteins were identified, most of which have not been reported as PDZD7-binding partners before. Among the identified proteins, ADGRV1, gelsolin, and β-catenin have been shown to play important roles in hearing, whereas the functions of other proteins in the inner ear remain elusive. We confirmed the expression of one candidate PDZD7-binding protein, CADM1, in the mouse inner ear and evaluated the auditory function of Cadm1 knockout mice by performing auditory brainstem response (ABR) measurement. Unexpectedly, Cadm1 knockout mice show normal hearing threshold, which might be explained by the possible compensation by its homologs that are also expressed in the inner ear. Taken together, our work identified several novel PDZD7-binding proteins, which will help us to further understand the role of PDZD7 in hearing transduction.

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