Brain structure & function

The caudo-ventral pallium is a novel pallial domain expressing Gdf10 and generating Ebf3-positive neurons of the medial amygdala.

PMID 29869132


In rodents, the medial nucleus of the amygdala receives direct inputs from the accessory olfactory bulbs and is mainly implicated in pheromone-mediated reproductive and defensive behaviors. The principal neurons of the medial amygdala are GABAergic neurons generated principally in the caudo-ventral medial ganglionic eminence and preoptic area. Beside GABAergic neurons, the medial amygdala also contains glutamatergic Otp-expressing neurons cells generated in the lateral hypothalamic neuroepithelium and a non-well characterized Pax6-positive population. In the present work, we describe a novel glutamatergic Ebf3-expressing neuronal subpopulation distributed within the periphery of the postero-ventral medial amygdala. These neurons are generated in a pallial domain characterized by high expression of Gdf10. This territory is topologically the most caudal tier of the ventral pallium and accordingly, we named it Caudo-Ventral Pallium (CVP). In the absence of Pax6, the CVP is disrupted and Ebf3-expressing neurons fail to be generated. Overall, this work proposes a novel model of the neuronal composition of the medial amygdala and unravels for the first time a new novel pallial subpopulation originating from the CVP and expressing the transcription factor Ebf3.