Biophysical journal

Ionomycin-Induced Changes in Membrane Potential Alter Electroporation Outcomes in HL-60 Cells.

PMID 29925024


Previous studies have shown greater fluorophore uptake during electroporation on the anode-facing side of the cell than on the cathode-facing side. Based on these observations, we hypothesized that hyperpolarizing a cell before electroporation would decrease the requisite pulsed electric field intensity for electroporation outcomes, thereby yielding a higher probability of reversible electroporation at lower electric field strengths and a higher probability of irreversible electroporation (IRE) at higher electric field strengths. In this study, we tested this hypothesis by hyperpolarizing HL-60 cells using ionomycin before electroporation. These cells were then electroporated in a solution containing propidium iodide, a membrane integrity indicator. After 20 min, we added trypan blue to identify IRE cells. Our results showed that hyperpolarizing cells before electroporation alters the pulsed electric field intensity thresholds for reversible electroporation and IRE, allowing for greater control and selectivity of electroporation outcomes.