International journal of oncology

MicroRNA-381 reduces inflammation and infiltration of macrophages in polymyositis via downregulating HMGB1.

PMID 29956737


The downregulation of microRNA (miR)-381 has been detected in various diseases. The present study aimed to investigate the effects, and underlying mechanisms of miR-381 on inflammation and macrophage infiltration in polymyositis (PM). A mouse model of experimental autoimmune myositis (EAM) was generated in this study. Hematoxylin and eosin staining was conducted to detect the inflammation of muscle tissues. In addition, ELISA and immunohistochemistry were performed to determine the expression levels of associated factors, and reverse transcription-quantitative polymerase chain reaction and western blotting were used to detect the expression levels of related mRNAs and proteins. A luciferase activity assay was used to confirm the binding of miR-381 and high mobility group box 1 (HMGB1) 3' untranslated region. Transwell assays were also performed to assess the migratory ability of macrophages. The results demonstrated that serum creatine kinase (s-CK), HMGB1 and cluster of differentiation (CD)163 expression in patients with PM were increased compared within healthy controls. Conversely, the expression levels of miR-381 were downregulated in patients with PM. Furthermore, high HMGB1 expression was associated with poor survival rate in patients with PM. In the mouse studies, muscle inflammation and CD163 expression were decreased in the anti-IL-17 and anti-HMGB1 groups, compared with in the EAM model group. The expression levels of s-CK, HMGB1, IL-17 and intercellular adhesion molecule (ICAM)-1 were also downregulated in response to anti-IL-17 and anti-HMGB1. These findings indicated that HMGB1 was closely associated with inflammatory responses. In addition, the present study indicated that transfection of macrophages with miR-381 mimics reduced the migration of inflammatory macrophages, and the expression levels of HMGB1, IL-17 and ICAM-1. Conversely, miR-381 inhibition exerted the opposite effects. The effects of miR-381 inhibitors were reversed by HMGB1 small interfering RNA. In conclusion, miR-381 may reduce inflammation and the infiltration of macrophages; these effects were closely associated with the downregulation of HMGB1.

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