Chemistry, an Asian journal

BODIPY-based Carbonaceous Materials for High Performance Electrical Capacitive Energy Storage.

PMID 30129712


Incorporation of heteroatoms into carbon materials is crucial to tailor carbon materials' donor-acceptor properties and consequently tune their chemical and electrical performance. However, doping carbon materials with multi-heteroatoms (three or more, especially the light elements) has been rarely payed attention until now. In this work, we develop a porous organic polymer containing boron, nitrogen, fluorine elements and realize its corresponding carbonaceous materials by subsequent carbonation or KOH activation process. Electrochemical measurements results reveal that KOH activation sample (BPOP-700A) is endowed with excellent specific capacitance of 408 F g-1 in three-electrode system and an energy density over 19.2 Wh kg-1 in two-electrode system at aqueous electrolyte, which can be attributed to multi light elements (boron, nitrogen and trace fluorine) doping, favorable morphology and rational pore size distribution architecture. In addition, BPOP-700A displays well rate ability and outstanding cycle performance (10 A g-1 , 10 000 cycles, 95 % retention). Our work might give some hints in designing multi light element doping carbon materials in supercapacitor applications.