Scientific reports

Naphthol Blue Black and 99mTc-Labeled Mannosylated Human Serum Albumin (99mTc-MSA) Conjugate as a Multimodal Lymph Node Mapping Nanocarrier.

PMID 30206287


99mTc-labeled mannosylated human serum albumin (MSA) has been reported as a sentinel lymph node (SLN)-imaging agent by binding to macrophages in the LNs. By conjugating it with blue dye, we developed a new multimodal radio-nanocarrier by visual investigation, fluorescence imaging, and single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT)/computed tomography (CT). Binding affinities of seven blue dyes to MSA were tested. According to the spectroscopic study and visual inspection of MSA-bound dyes, naphthol blue black (NBB) was selected as the best candidate of multimodal agent. Thus, 99mTc-MSA-NBB conjugate was prepared and further investigated using mice. After footpad injection, it showed high popliteal LN accumulation at 1 h. SPECT/CT also showed high popliteal as well as inguinal LN uptakes at 10 min that sustained until 2 h. In conclusion, we prepared a multimodal SLN imaging radio-nanocarrier, 99mTc-MSA-NBB conjugate, and confirmed its excellency as a multimodal probe for SLN mapping.