Journal of pain research

Sexual life satisfaction of methadone-maintained Chinese patients: individuals with pain are dissatisfied with their sex lives.

PMID 30237733


Pain is potentially associated with sexual dysfunction. Both sexual dysfunction and pain are common in methadone-maintained patients, but the association of pain with sexual dysfunction in methadone-maintained patients is rarely studied. This study examined the association between pain and sexual life satisfaction (SLS) in Chinese patients receiving methadone maintenance treatment (MMT). A total of 477 methadone-maintained patients who recently had sex with their sex partners were recruited from three MMT clinics in Wuhan, China. SLS was assessed with a single question, and the sociodemographic, psychological, and clinical data were collected with standardized questionnaires. Pain intensity was assessed with the 5-point verbal rating scale. Multiple ordinary logistic regression was used to control for potential confounders that may bias the pain-SLS relationship. The prevalence of self-reported dissatisfaction with one's sexual life was significantly higher in patients with clinically significant pain (CSP) than those without CSP (41.5% vs 19.4%, χ2 =23.567, P<0.001). After controlling for potential sociodemographic, psychological, and clinical confounders, CSP was still significantly and independently associated with an increase in sexual life dissatisfaction (OR =1.89, P=0.011). Pain is significantly associated with low SLS in methadone-maintained patients. Appropriate pain management might improve SLS of patients receiving MMT.

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