Genome biology

A novel long noncoding RNA HOXC-AS3 mediates tumorigenesis of gastric cancer by binding to YBX1.

PMID 30286788


Recently, increasing evidence shows that long noncoding RNAs (lncRNAs) play a significant role in human tumorigenesis. However, the function of lncRNAs in human gastric cancer remains largely unknown. By using publicly available expression profiling data from gastric cancer and integrating bioinformatics analyses, we screen and identify a novel lncRNA, HOXC-AS3. HOXC-AS3 is significantly increased in gastric cancer tissues and is correlated with clinical outcomes of gastric cancer. In addition, HOXC-AS3 regulates cell proliferation and migration both in vitro and in vivo. RNA-seq analysis reveals that HOXC-AS3 knockdown preferentially affects genes that are linked to proliferation and migration. Mechanistically, we find that HOXC-AS3 is obviously activated by gain of H3K4me3 and H3K27ac, both in cells and in tissues. RNA pull-down mass spectrometry analysis identifies that YBX1 interacts with HOXC-AS3, and RNA-seq analysis finds a marked overlap in genes differentially expressed after YBX1 knockdown and those transcriptionally regulated by HOXC-AS3, suggesting that YBX1 participates in HOXC-AS3-mediated gene transcriptional regulation in the tumorigenesis of gastric cancer. Together, our data demonstrate that abnormal histone modification-activated HOXC-AS3 may play important roles in gastric cancer oncogenesis and may serve as a target for gastric cancer diagnosis and therapy.

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