European journal of biochemistry

A new human species of aldolase A mRNA from fibroblasts.

PMID 3030757


A full-length cDNA aldolase A clone was isolated from a human fibroblast cDNA library and completely sequenced. Excluding the poly(A) tail, the clone covers 1095 base pairs (bp) of the coding region, plus 199 bp downstream for the termination codon and 146 bp upstream for the initiation codon, within a total of 1440 bp. Primer extension experiments performed with human cultured fibroblast mRNA indicate an elongated product of a further 40 bp. These results evaluated together with those obtained in a concurrent study concerning aldolase A mRNA isolated from human liver are direct evidence of aldolase A mRNA multiplicity in man. The data also suggest the existence in mammals of three different classes of aldolase A mRNA, which would account for tissue specificity and resurgence of foetal expression in tumors.