The complete amino acid sequence of the human aldolase C isozyme derived from genomic clones.

PMID 3105602


The complete protein sequence of the human aldolase C isozyme has been determined from recombinant genomic clones. A genomic fragment of 6673 base pairs was isolated and the DNA sequence determined. Aldolase protein sequences, being highly conserved, allowed the derivation of the sequence of this isozyme by comparison of open reading frames in the genomic DNA to the protein sequence of other human aldolase enzymes. The protein sequence of the third aldolase isozyme found in vertebrates, aldolase C, completes the primary structural determination for this family of isozymes. Overall, the aldolase C isozyme shared 81% amino acid homology with aldolase A and 70% homology with aldolase B. The comparisons with other aldolase isozymes revealed several aldolase C-specific residues which could be involved in its function in the brain. The data indicated that the gene structure of aldolase C is the same as other aldolase genes in birds and mammals, having nine exons separated by eight introns, all in precisely the same positions, only the intron sizes being different. Eight of these exons contain the protein coding region comprised of 363 amino acids. The entire gene is approximately 4 kilobases.