Membrane biochemistry

Modulation of lysine transport in cultured rat astrocytes and astrocytoma cells.

PMID 3151697


In the previous paper, it was shown that the transport of lysine into astrocytes and astrocytoma cells obeys the classical enzyme kinetics. Although unmodulated lysine transport into both normal rat astrocytes and rat astrocytoma cells is somewhat slower than needed for observed growth in the culture, it is capable of a large degree of enhancement. Insulin increases the Vmax for lysine influx in astrocytes tenfold and in astrocytoma cells fivefold. Glutathione produces a Vmax enhancement of 80% for astrocytes and 70% for astrocytoma cells. gamma-Glutamyl hydrazide is a weak inhibitor of lysine transport. Diethyl maleate appears to break down the regulation of lysine transport and allows a large increase in lysine influx in both cell types studied. Basic amino acid analogues canaline and S-aminoethylcysteine are not potent inhibitors of lysine transport. Lysine efflux kinetics are slower for C6 cells than for astrocytes; this difference is abolished by diethyl maleate and by dithiothreitol.