European journal of biochemistry

Complete amino acid sequence of the neurone-specific gamma isozyme of enolase (NSE) from human brain and comparison with the non-neuronal alpha form (NNE).

PMID 3208766


The complete amino acid sequence (433 residues) of the human neurone-specific gamma isozyme of enolase (NSE) has been determined by a combination of direct amino acid sequencing and nucleotide sequencing of cloned cDNA. Substantial amino acid sequence of the non-neuronal alpha form of the enzyme was also obtained which agreed almost entirely with the indirect cDNA sequence. Comparison of the two human sequences shows no insertions or deletions, but 72 replacements. Comparison of the human gamma form with the corresponding isozyme from the rat shows only 7 replacements (compared to 27 changes between the human and rat alpha isozymes). We have identified regions of sequence difference between the human alpha and gamma forms that are mainly hydrophilic in character (residues 271-285, 298-316 and 416-433). These residues are on the surface of the three-dimensional structure and could be useful as immunogens to produce antibodies specific for the neurone-specific form.