Zhurnal evoliutsionnoi biokhimii i fiziologii

[Effect of inhibitors of energy metabolism on potassium accumulation in the neurons of the mollusk Planorbarius corneus].

PMID 3245356


Studies have been made of the effect of inhibitors of energy metabolism on maintenance of Na and K concentrations, as well as on accumulation of Rb (as an analogue of K) in single neurones of the mollusc P. corneus. Concentrations of Na, K and Rb in cells were determined by X-ray spectral microanalysis. Monoiodoacetate, an inhibitor of glycolysis, decreased concentration gradients of K and Na between cells and the external medium, decreasing accumulation of Rb. Cyanide, which is used as an antirespiratory drug, did not significantly affect neither K and Na content, nor Rb accumulation in the neurones of the mollusc, these data being different from those obtained on the nervous tissue of other animals. Monovalent T1 which is capable of inhibiting the respiratory chain and destroying mitochondrial structure, significantly inhibited Rb accumulation in the neurones. The decrease in accumulation of Rb by monoiodoacetate and T1 was less significant as compared with that produced by a specific blocker of Na/K-pump, ouabain.

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