Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America

Growth-associated protein, GAP-43, a polypeptide that is induced when neurons extend axons, is a component of growth cones and corresponds to pp46, a major polypeptide of a subcellular fraction enriched in growth cones.

PMID 3517863


Growth-associated protein, GAP-43, is a polypeptide that is induced in neurons when they grow axons. We show by means of subcellular fractionation and immunohistochemical localization that GAP-43 is a component of neuronal growth cones as well as growing neurites; it is similar to a major phosphoprotein, pp46, of a growth cone-enriched subcellular fraction. These conclusions are consistent with the possibility that the induction of GAP-43/pp46 is an important event in the establishment of a productive growth state in which a neuron is competent to extend an axon.