The American journal of medicine

Aminoglycoside antibiotics in infectious diseases. An overview.

PMID 3524216


This article presents an overview of the aminoglycoside antibiotics used in clinical practice. Facts concerning the discovery and properties of the aminoglycosides are followed by information about spectrums of activity and mechanisms of action and resistance. Individual compounds are compared and proposals on the possibilities for their clinical use, both as single drugs and in combination with beta-lactam antibiotics, are made. The importance placed on measuring the serum concentrations of aminoglycoside antibiotics should serve as a remainder that this procedure is important, on one hand, to increase clinical efficacy and, on the other, to reduce the side effects of these antibiotics. Finally, the aminoglycosides are compared briefly with other antibacterial compounds, some of which are very new. There is no doubt that in the future the aminoglycosides will continue to occupy an important place in the treatment of severe infections, although newly developed agents appear to be effective complements.

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