Mutation research

Methyl cinnamate derivatives enhance UV-induced mutagenesis due to the inhibition of DNA excision repair in Escherichia coli B/r.

PMID 3889605


UV-induced mutagenesis in Escherichia coli B/r WP2 was enhanced by certain derivatives of methyl cinnamate which themselves were not mutagenic. Methyl ferulate, methyl isoferulate and methyl sinapate showed this effect markedly. Such an enhancement effect was absent with the derivatives of cinnamic acid and ethyl cinnamate and was not observed in Escherichia coli WP2s uvrA. Methyl sinapate also enhanced 4NQO-induced mutation and suppressed liquid-holding recovery in the above repair-proficient strain. The presence of methyl sinapate in plating agar medium decreased the survival of UV-irradiated cells of a recombination-repair-deficient strain, CM571 recA. However, the effect was not observed with those of WP2s uvrA. In an in vitro experiment in which the removal rate of thymine dimers was measured, methyl sinapate clearly inhibited this repair event. From these results, we conclude that methyl sinapate inhibits DNA excision repair, thus enhancing UV mutagenicity.