Journal of immunology (Baltimore, Md. : 1950)

Effect of B cell differentiation factor (BCDF) on biosynthesis and secretion of immunoglobulin molecules in human B cell lines.

PMID 3917482


Stimulation of human B lymphoblastoid cell lines, CESS and SKW6-CL4 with BCDF induced an increase in IgG- and IgM-secreting cells, as well as a slight increase in IgG and IgM expression on their respective surfaces. Biosynthetic labeling demonstrated that BCDF stimulation induced an increase in synthesis of secretory gamma- and mu-chains, as well as their precursors. A slight but significant increase in synthesis of membrane-bound gamma- and mu-chains and their precursors was also observed by BCDF stimulation. However, an increase in synthesis of secretory heavy chains was much higher than that in membrane-bound heavy chains in both cell lines. Pulse-chase experiments showed that increased synthesis of secretory heavy chains was not due to a decrease in degradation. BCDF stimulation induced a preferential increase in mRNA specific for secretory gamma- and mu-chains in CESS and SKW6-CL4 cells, respectively. These results suggest that BCDF induces an increase in the level of mRNA specific for secretory heavy chains, and then induces final maturation of B cells into immunoglobulin-secreting cells.

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