Life sciences

TRH and TRH-OH in the pancreas of adult and newborn rats.

PMID 3925268


TRH and its metabolite TRH-OH have been measured by specific radioimmunoassays in acid extracts of pancreas in adults and developing rats. TRH and TRH-OH immunoreactivity had the same ontogenic pattern with a maximal concentration on day 4 followed by a progressive return towards adult levels on day 20. A significant linear correlation was found between TRH levels and the TRH/TRH-OH ratio. The range of TRH/TRH-OH ratio varied from 136 +/- 1.6, at the peak of concentrations of both peptides, to 18 +/- 3.9 on day 20. Pancreatic TRH and TRH-OH had the same elution pattern as corresponding synthetic peptides both on Biogel P2 and high-pressure liquid chromatography. The origin of TRH-OH as well as its potential function need further investigations.