Applied microbiology

Staphylococcus aureus enterotoxin B release (excretion) under controlled conditions of fermentation.

PMID 4715555


Release of Staphylococcus aureus enterotoxin B (SEB) into the culture medium was initiated during the mid-log phase of growth. A medium consisting of 4% N-Z Amine A (Sheffield), 0.2% dextrose, and 1% yeast extract supported maximum production of SEB. Although pH of the medium during cultivation did not significantly affect the growth curve of the organism, the time required for detectable excretion was affected, as was the final yield. Optimal conditions for SEB production were achieved with pH control at 7.0; alkaline control (pH 8.0) produced only minimal amounts of toxin, whereas acid control (pH 6.0) resulted in 50% reduction in yield. Slightly less SEB was produced when there was no extrinsic pH control, and cultures were buffered only by media constituents and by-products of growth. With pH control at 7.0, deletion of 0.2% dextrose from the medium resulted in 40% reduction in the 8-h yield. There was also a delay in production during early stages of fermentation.

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