Journal of endocrinological investigation

Suppression and stimulation of growth hormone release in sheep by somatostatin analogs.

PMID 6150052


The inhibitory and stimulatory effects of somatostatin analogues on growth hormone secretion have been studied in the sheep. Plasma immunoreactive growth hormone (GH) was stimulated by the iv administration of the antilipolytic compound 3,5-dimethylpyrazole and was followed by infusion of somatostatin (SRIF) and analogues into the carotid artery. The analogues D-trp8-D-cys14-SRIF, des-AA1,2,4,5,12D-trp8-D-cys-14SRIF, and SRIF-Wy 40793 were shown to cause a dose-dependent suppression of plasma GH, followed by a significant rise ("rebound") on terminating the infusion. In general, the greater the suppression, the greater the rebound. A significant correlation between the rebound increase in plasma GH and dose of both SRIF and des-AA1,2,4,5,12D-trp8-cys14-SRIF was demonstrated (p less than 0.01 and p less than 0.001, respectively). This analogue and Wy-40793 showed a significantly greater rebound than did SRIF following 50% suppression of the GH response (p less than 0.01 and p less than 0.05, respectively). Although two analogues were shown to be significantly more potent than SRIF (p less than 0.01), in this sheep bioassay the duration of action did not appear to be longer than that of the native hormone for any of the three analogues.