A new benzothiadiazine derivative, LN 5330: effects on pancreatic hormones.

PMID 6152237


LN 5330 is a new benzothiadiazine which is a structural analogue of diazoxide. Its effects in vivo were studied on blood glucose levels and insulin, glucagon and somatostatin secretion in normal dogs, and in vitro on glucagon and insulin secretion from the isolated perfused rat pancreas. The results were compared with those obtained with diazoxide at equimolar dose or concentration. In the normal anaesthetized dog having a T-shaped catheter inserted in the pancreaticoduodenal vein, the infusion of LN 5330 (87.8 mumol/kg for 20 min) induced a progressive increase in blood glucose levels, a rapid decrease in insulin and somatostatin output rate, an immediate increase in pancreatic glucagon secretion, and a delayed decrease of arterial blood pressure. The equimolar dose of diazoxide provoked the same effects on blood glucose levels, insulin and somatostatin output, but a marked decrease in glucagon output and in arterial blood pressure. In the isolated rat pancreas perfused with 8.3 mmol/l glucose, the infusion of LN 5330 (440 mumol/l for 30 min) induced a drastic fall in insulin and a rapid and persistent increase in glucagon output. This stimulatory effect on glucagon secretion was not found with diazoxide at equimolar concentration. These findings show that LN 5330 is a substance which is distinct from diazoxide and interesting because of its double action: inhibition of insulin secretion and stimulation of glucagon secretion.