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[Determination of dermafos (fenchlorphos) residues in the tissues of hens and rabbits after single oral dose of pure and technical preparations].

PMID 6170958


The level of dermaphos residues in the blood, liver and the fat tissue was examined after a single oral application of the pure and technical preparation of various doses in hens and rabbits. An appropriately adapted method of extraction and purification and thin-layer chromatography for its quantitative determination were used. It was shown that the preparation, as well as some of its metabolites and contaminants had a tendency of prolonged accumulation in the examined tissue mainly in fat. A month after the administration of higher doses of pure dermaphos (i.e. 0,250 g/kg of body weight, calculated as active component) the blood of rabbits still contained 0,12 mg/kg, the liver--0,10 mg/kg, and the kidney fat--3,14 mg/kg of the preparation. In hens a dose of 2,500 g/kg of body weight gave the following results: 0,60 mg/kg in the blood, 0,67 mg/kg in the liver and 8,34 mg/kg in the omental fat. This long-lasting accumulation of dermaphos in the tissues is most probably connected with the presence of the trichlorphenyl ring in the molecule. It was also noticed that the contaminants present in the technical preparation influenced to some extent the accumulation rate of dermaphos in certain tissues and this was observed especially after administration of higher doses. On the other hand, the dynamics of disappearance and the accumulation degree of dermaphos in the hen and rabbit tissues did not depend only on the type of the tissue, but also on the animal species and the level of the administered dose.

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