Journal of affective disorders

Assessment of the antidepressant activity of dothiepin and its metabolites by preclinical tests.

PMID 6215444


The affinities of dothiepin and its principal metabolites northiaden, dothiepin sulphoxide and northiaden sulphoxide for [3H]imipramine binding sites in the rat cortical homogenates, and for [3H]spiperone and [3H]serotonin receptor sites in preparations from the rat frontal cortex and hippocampus were studied. As inhibitors of [3H]imipramine binding, the strengths of the drugs are, in terms of their IC50 (concentration corresponding to 50% inhibition): dothiepin 2.8 X 10(-6) M, northiaden 5.0 X 10(-6) M, northiaden sulphoxide 4.0 X 10(-5) M and dothiepin sulphoxide 3.2 X 10(-5) M. The potencies of the drugs in inhibiting serotonergic binding followed a similar trend. Using frontal cortical tissue suspensions and [3H]spiperone, the IC50 values were determined to be: dothiepin 4.2 X 10(-6) M, northiaden 5.0 X 10(-6) M, northiaden sulphoxide 1.6 X 10(-4) M and dothiepin sulphoxide 1.6 X 10(-4) M; whereas in hippocampal suspensions and using [3H]serotonin, the IC50 values were 2.5 X 10(-6) M, northiaden 4.0 X 10(-5) M, dothiepin sulphoxide 2.5 X 10(-4) M and northiaden sulphoxide greater than 10(-3) M. The influence of the drugs on the uptake of [14C]serotonin into human platelets was also investigated. All had an inhibitory effect upon the uptake, the order of potency being dothiepin greater than northiaden greater than northiaden sulphoxide greater than dothiepin sulphoxide. Plots of 1/v versus 1/s showed that the inhibition was competitive for all four compounds.

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D2962005 Dosulepin impurity A, European Pharmacopoeia (EP) Reference Standard