Contact dermatitis

Occupational dermatoses at a film laboratory.

PMID 6232097


During the period January 1980-June 1981, an investigation was made of skin diseases among employees of a film laboratory. The investigation was carried out in 5 stages. (I) Questionnaire (II) Clinical examination and interview with all employees who stated that they had had skin disease at some time (III) Patch testing at the laboratory of all cases of suspected occupational dermatoses, and control tests in hospital of 200 non-exposed eczema patients (IV) Investigation of protective gloves by patch testing and in a chemical bath (V) Allergy test on guinea pigs (GPMT) of one agent (PBA-1). The firm had 114 employees and the questionnaire was answered by 103. Altogether 43 persons at some time had been exposed to chemicals in their work, and 21 of them had had occupational dermatoses. In 12 cases, contact allergy was found to one or more of the photographic chemicals CD-2, CD-3, Metol and PBA-1. GPMT with PBA-1 showed it to be a potent sensitizer. The colour developing agents may also give rise to lichenoid reactions and 2 such cases were seen in this investigation. Other causes of occupational dermatoses are indicated, as well as the occurrence of non-occupational skin diseases.