Journal of cyclic nucleotide research

Preparation of cyclic nucleotide antisera with thyroglobulin-cyclic nucleotide conjugates.

PMID 6260845


Antisera to cyclic AMP and cyclic GMP were obtained by immunizing rabbits with antigens prepared by conjugating the 2'0-succinyl derivative of the cyclic nucleotides to thyroglobulin. The cyclic nucleotide-thyroglobulin conjugates were injected intradermally into multiple sites on the backs of the animals. This immunization procedure resulted in the production of antiserum in four of five animals capable of binding at a final serum dilution of greater than 1:10,000, 20% of the corresponding iodinated cyclic nucleotide derivative added. The antisera were also highly specific. The antiserum for cyclic AMP had a 2500-fold or greater relative affinity for cyclic AMP than other nucleotides or nucleosides, while that for cyclic GMP had a 5000-fold or greater affinity for 2'0 acetylated nucleotides or nucleosides except for acetylated cyclic IMP. The obstacles to measuring cyclic nucleotides, particularly cyclic GMP, in tissues were also overcome by refining and simplifying the methods for iodination, purification and assay. Furthermore, a "disequilibrium" incubation was developed as an alternative to the acetylation method to increase the sensitivity of the radioimmunoassay. Thus, the levels of both cyclic GMP and cyclic AMP can be determined rapidly and easily in the same tissue sample.

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2′-O-Monosuccinyladenosine 3′:5′-cyclic monophosphate, ≥98%