Mutation research

Investigation of the mutagenicity of ethylphenylglycidate.

PMID 6387475


EPG and an in vitro digest of EPG by pepsin and pancreatin simulating mammalian digestion have been examined for genotoxicity in 4 mutagenicity tests employing different genetic endpoints. In the Salmonella reverse mutation assay, EPG showed only slight mutagenic activity against TA100, a strain responsive to base-pair exchange activity, in the presence of S9 mix. In vitro EPG was mutagenic for CHO-K1-BH4 cells with or without metabolic activation, the activity being greater in the presence of metabolic activation. In the in vitro SCE test, EPG was clastogenic for CHO-K1-BH4 cells independent of metabolic activation. EPG also induced transformation of C3H T10 1/2 mouse fibroblasts in vitro, producing both type II and type III foci. Subjecting an EPG solution to a simulated mammalian digestion process lowers the genotoxic activity of the solution.