Applied and environmental microbiology

Interactions between the diatom Thallasiosira pseudonanna and an associated pseudomonad in a mariculture system.

PMID 646360


The marine diatom Thallasiosira pseudonanna (3H) and several bacteria associated with it were isolated from batch cultures at the University of Delaware mariculture facility. The interaction between the algae and each of the bacteria was investigated. One of the isolates, T827/2B (Pseudomonas sp.), was incapable of surviving in f/2 culture medium unless the algae were present. When the algae and T827/2B were grown together in the f/2 medium, the bacterial growth was stimulated and the algal growth was inhibited. Bacterial filtrate had a similar effect on the algae, indicating that the bacterial effect is an indirect one most likely resulting from the excretion of a harmful compound into the medium. Preliminary characterization of the material excreted by the bacteria indicates that it s proteinaceous in nature. The interactions observed does not fit into any single category of interactions but can be explained as a combination of competition and indirect parasitism.