Polish journal of pharmacology and pharmacy

The histological changes in some organs of the laboratory mice after intragastrically given bromfenvinphos and mixture of bromfenvinphos with methoxychlor.

PMID 6622299


Bromfenvinphos (0.0-diethyl-0-1-(2.4-dichlorphenyl)-2-bromvinyl phosphate), BrV, 12.33 mg/kg/day, alone and in combination with methoxychlor ( (1,1,1-trichlor-2.2-)4-methoxyphenyl ethane), MeOCl, 24.66 mg/kg/day, were administered to laboratory mice in the olive-oil suspension through the stomach gauge once a day for 6 weeks. The histological changes developed in liver and kidneys of mice were investigated. BrV and BrV + MeOCl caused the hyperemia and fine-grained inflammatory infiltration in liver tissue. The small histological changes were observed in kidneys of animals which received the pesticides: the stellate shape lumen of the proximal convoluted kidney tubules and the vacuolar degeneration changes in the wall cells of these tubules. There occurred degeneration changes in the wall cells of these tubules. No pathological changes appeared in stomach, small and large intestine, heart, spleen and in gonads of the experimental mice.