Toxicology letters

In vivo covalent binding of cismethrin and bioresmethrin to hepatic proteins.

PMID 6658824


The covalent binding level of [14C]alcohol-labelled cismethrin, bioresmethrin and/or their metabolites to hepatic proteins was measured after a single i.v. injection of pyrethroids in rats pretreated with malathion. In the first control group, the radiolabel binding level was different for cismethrin (35.3 pmol X mg-1 protein) and bioresmethrin (22.6 pmol X mg-1 protein) and in the treated rats, the amount of binding was reduced similarly for the two pyrethroids (13 pmol X mg-1 protein). After 13 days of chronic i.p. treatment, the covalent binding level on microsomal protein was 3 times higher for cismethrin than for bioresmethrin and the ratio of cismethrin to bioresmethrin covalent binding level was similar to that after a single i.v. injection. It is suggested that the difference in covalent binding distribution and concentration in the various subcellular fractions of liver was due to the different routes of metabolism of the two resmethrin isomers.