International archives of occupational and environmental health

Nitroglycol concentrations in blood and urine of workers engaged in dynamite production.

PMID 6795131


Nitroglycol (Ng) concentrations in blood and urine of dynamite production workers were measured. Measurement of Ng concentration in blood of 16 workers revealed undetectable levels prior to work in all of them. The amounts of Ng detected after work were 0-145 ng/ml, high levels being noted in workers who had frequent exposure to skin absorption. Measurement of changes in blood Ng concentrations and the Ng excretion in urine in three workers during a week revealed no persistent trend in blood Ng concentrations but a tendency to higher Ng concentration in urine was found in the afternoon and in the morning with a higher concentration in the latter half of the week than during the first half. These results suggest the usefulness of the measurement of Ng urinary concentration excretion in the assessment of Ng absorption by the body. The relationship between the blood Ng concentrations in workers engaged in a dynamite factory and the experimental condition in dogs described in the previous report was assessed, and a valuable suggestion concerning further research in the study of chronic exposure to Ng at low concentrations was obtained.