European neurology

Clinical and CSF findings in multiple sclerosis patients with or without IgG oligoclonal bands at isoelectric focusing examination of CSF and serum proteins.

PMID 6840140


The IgG oligoclonal bands in CSF can be found in high percentage of MS patients but the existence of a limited number of cases with CSF normal IgG profile is known as well. In the present study 63 out of 70 patients with definite MS and 24 out of 35 with probable MS had oligoclonal bands in the CSF at the isoelectric focusing examination. The 18 patients with normal CSF IgG pattern did not show any statistically significant difference as concerns the age at onset and the duration of the disease, the functional disability, the course of the disease and the quantitative CSF parameters (IgG index, IgG synthesis and serum/CSF albumin quotient). The oligoclonal pattern does not seem of value to discriminate different groups of MS patients but it remains essentially of great diagnostic importance in this disease.