The making of strand-specific M13 probes.

PMID 7049837


A novel approach has been developed for the preparation of highly radioactive, strand-specific M13 probes. A universal primer, complementary to the region 5' to the multiple cloning sites of M13mp7, was used to initiate the DNA synthesis of the complementary strand of the M13 sequence downstream from the inserted sequence. The synthesis of the (-) strand, which was labeled with a radioactively labeled precursor, did not proceed to completion so that the inserted sequence was kept single-stranded. Thus, a partially double-stranded probe that had the specificity of this inserted sequence was obtained. As an example for the application of single-stranded specific hybridization probes, an M13mp7 subclone of a zein cDNA clone of maize (A30) was labeled and used in a dot hybridization test to select from the hundreds of M13mp7 subclones of the zein genomic clone, Z4, the sequences complementary to the probe. The specificity of the probe was confirmed by dideoxy chain terminator sequencing experiments.