European journal of biochemistry

Effect of histone H3 sulfhydryl modifications on histone-histone interactions and nucleosome formation and structure.

PMID 7408888


The effect of histone H3 sulfhydryl mnodification and disulfide bridge formation on histone-histone interactions, nucleosome reconstitution and structure has been examined for calf and chicken mononucleosomes. For intramolecular disulfide bridge formation histone H3-H4 complexation is disrupted and no nucleosome-like particle containing all four of the histones could be prepared. Intermolecular disulfide bridge formation between H3 residues 110 and 110 as well as chemical modification of this site with small and with bulky groups allowed histone H3-H4 complexation and the reconstituatioin of a nucleosome-like particle. However, the yield of such particles is decreased and their thermal denaturation properties indicate a reduced stability. These results suggest that the histone core is destabilized or even structurally altered by even a minor modification at H3 position 110, such as carboxymethylation, and therefore this site must be used with caution for the attachment of reporter groups.