Biochemical and biophysical research communications

Characterization of the human nm23-H2 promoter region and localization of the microsatellite D17S396.

PMID 7488060


The transcription of human nm23 genes (nm23-H1, nm23-H2) is involved in suppression of tumor metastasis or tumor progression. Therefore the characterization of transcriptional regulatory mechanisms for both nm23 genes is very important. In this study we have isolated and analyzed the 5'-flanking region of the human nm23-H2 gene and estimated the distance to 4 kb between nm23-H2 and nm23-H1 genes. We localized the known microsatellite D17S396 within this region. Furthermore the identification of possible binding sites for MYC proteins and additionally the NM23-H2 protein itself (the transcription factor PuF for c-myc gene activation) is of importance with respect to possible para- and autoregulatory interactions. A comparison of the promoter sequences of both human nm23 genes revealed no significant sequence homology.