Genes, chromosomes & cancer

Amplified region of chromosome band 11q13 in breast and squamous cell carcinomas encompasses three CpG islands telomeric of FGF3, including the expressed gene EMS1.

PMID 7685625


DNA markers that map within the karyotypically defined band q13 on human chromosome 11 are amplified in a subset of mammary and squamous cell carcinomas. It is assumed that the amplified DNA includes a critical gene (or genes) whose overexpression provides a selective force in the development of the tumor. To help identify such genes, we have begun to construct a physical map of CpG islands in the region, making use of a squamous cell carcinoma cell line (UMSCC2) in which the 11q13 region is amplified 11-fold. We previously described the proximal end of this amplicon and the order of markers extending approximately 800 kb centromeric of the FGF3 locus (formerly INT2). We now report the use of chromosome jumping techniques to define additional CpG islands that lie distal to FGF3. These map within the amplified region in UMSCC2 cells and the most telomeric corresponds to the EMS1 gene. The data imply that the amplified DNA in UMSCC2 cells extends for over 1,500 kb and includes at least 7 potential genes. EMS1 and CCND1 (formerly PRAD1), the best candidates for the key gene on the 11q13 amplicon, are > or = 800 kb apart.