Chemico-biological interactions

Chlorpyrifos metabolites in serum and urine of poisoned persons.

PMID 7688273


Concentrations of parent pesticide and corresponding diethylphosphorus metabolites in blood serum and urine were investigated in persons who had ingested a concentrated solution of organophosphorus pesticide chlorpyrifos. The organophosphate poisoning was indicated by a significant depression of blood cholinesterase (EC and EC activities. Blood and spot urine samples were collected daily after admission of the persons to hospital. Chlorpyrifos was detected only in serum samples in a period up to 15 days after poisoning. In the same samples chlorpyrifos oxygen analogue, chlorpyrifos oxon, was not detected. The presence of diethylphosphorothioate in all serum and urine samples confirmed that part of chlorpyrifos was hydrolysed before its oxidation. The maximum concentrations of chlorpyrifos in serum and of metabolites in serum and urine were measured on the day of admission. The decrease in concentrations followed the first-order kinetics with the initial rate constant faster and the later one slower. In the faster elimination phase chlorpyrifos was eliminated from serum twice as fast (t1/2 = 1.1-3.3 h) as the total diethylphosphorus metabolites (t1/2 = 2.2-5.5 h). The total urinary diethylphosphorus metabolites in six chlorpyrifos poisoned persons were excreted with an average elimination half-time of 6.10 +/- 2.25 h (mean +/- S.D.) in the faster and of 80.35 +/- 25.8 h in the slower elimination phase.

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