Neuroscience letters

Amphetamine and haloperidol modulatory effects on Purkinje cell activity and on EEG power spectra in the acute rat model of epilepsy.

PMID 7715822


The modulation of cerebellar Purkinje cell activity and EEG from parietal cortex was studied in the rat model of epilepsy induced by penicillin under acute haloperidol and amphetamine treatment. The discharge pattern of Purkinje cells showed tendency towards inhibition and EEG power spectra increased after parenteral administration of penicillin (1000000 IU/kg, i.p.). Acute haloperidol treatment (1 mg/kg, i.p.), performed after the development of penicillin induced epileptic episodes, elicited a prominent excitation of Purkinje cell discharges associated with parallel increase in mean EEG power spectra. However, acute DL-amphetamine treatment induced marked suppression of Purkinje cell discharges as well as outstanding decrease of the mean EEG power spectra. These results indicate that cerebellar Purkinje cells may be important in the control of seizure activity and that noradrenergic influences are relevant.