Genomic organization and expressed sequences of the mouse extended H-2K region.

PMID 7835882


The mouse major histocompatibility complex (MHC) has long been of great interest to many biologists because of not only its critical role in the immune system, but also its association with at least three embryonic lethal genes. Here, we present an analysis of the mouse extended H-2K region using YAC technology. Six new expressed sequences were identified, demonstrating that the high gene density previously described continues. Restriction mapping of a YAC clone extending proximal of the MHC region defined a CpG-rich region located up to 320 kb away from H-2K. The absence of any CpG-rich region for a distance spanning approximately 200 kb near the YAC's proximal end suggests that the high gene density probably diminishes at a distance of 360 kb away from H-2K. The description of genomic organization of both H-2K and the extended H-2K region provides insight into the characteristics of this whole region with respect to gene diversity and density.