Orvosi hetilap

[Review of drugs used in the neutropenic period following cytostatic therapy and comparative study of doxycycline and ofloxacin in the treatment of patients with testicular cancer].

PMID 7838516


The authors compared the effectivity of doxycyclin or ofloxacin after combined chemotherapy of testicular cancer patients during the leukopenic periods. Between 1988 and 1991 200 patients were randomized and 194 were evaluated. One hundred and fifty two patients had been treated by cytostatic treatment earlier 2.5 or 2.9 times and 17 by irradiation. The average age was 30.1 in the doxycyclin group and 31.5 years in ofloxacin group. The patients characteristics in average age and previous treatments were not significant in the two groups. Doxycyclin was applied at the first day 200 mg and the following days 100 mg for 6.8 days and ofloxacin was given 2 times 100 mg day for 8.0 days. The preventive antibiotic treatment was insufficient in 16 or 6 cases requiring the the new antibiotic therapy. The development of the new infectional lesions was significantly higher in doxycyclin group and it needed the other antibiotic therapy. The condition of the patients did not require systemic antimycotic or antiviral therapy. The toxicity was lower in oflaxacin group. Tarivid is suitable for preventing the infection in neutropenic periods after the cytostatic therapy. The number of infections are decreased the completion with some penicillins. Regarding to previous cytostatic drugs the cephalosporins are suggested for prevention during the neutropenic periods.

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