Amino acid substitutions in hexokinase II among patients with NIDDM.

PMID 7883120


Hexokinase (HK) II plays an important role in intracellular glucose metabolism by catalyzing the conversion of glucose to glucose-6-phosphate. HKII is considered to be a promising candidate gene for non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (NIDDM) and insulin resistance. Therefore, we investigated the frequency of variants in the coding region of the HKII gene in patients with NIDDM. Initial screening included a population-based sample of 40 Finnish patients with typical NIDDM, and subsequent screening included an additional 72 patients with NIDDM. By applying single-strand conformation polymorphism analysis and direct sequencing, the following amino acid substitutions were found among the 112 NIDDM patients: Ala314Val in one patient (0.9%), Arg353Cys in three patients (2.7%), and Arg775Gln substitution in three patients (2.7%). We also screened 97 subjects with completely normal glucose tolerance and a negative family history of diabetes for these mutations. The Ala314Val and the Arg353Cys substitutions were not found in control subjects, but the Arg775Gln substitution was found in two (2.1%) control subjects. None of these mutations were located close to the glucose- and ATP-binding sites of HKII. We conclude that mutations of the HKII gene are not a major etiological factor for NIDDM in the Finnish population.

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