Bulletin du cancer

[Concomitant association of radiotherapy and chemotherapy (CDDP 4-6 mg/m2/daily in continuous i.v. administration) in locally advanced ORL tumors].

PMID 7894129


In order to enhance radiation effects in the treatment of unresectable Head and Neck squamous cell carcinoma, we initiated a phase I-II study in February 1991 with concomitant radiation and cisplatin in the treatment of resectable Head and Neck squamous cell carcinoma. The first patient was treated in a palliative intend for a cervical recurrence (cutaneous metastatic lymphangitis) of laryngeal cancer. The seven other patients had a Stage IV M0, previously untreated, oropharyngeal carcinoma. Standard external radiation was carried out up to a total dose of 60 Gy/6 weeks (7 MeV electron beam) for the 1st patient and 72 Gy/8 weeks (Co60 beam) for the 7 other patients. Cisplatin was given during the entire radiation treatment, by continuous infusion, 5 days a week, at doses of 4 mg/m2/d for the 1st patient, 5 mg/m2/d for the two following patients and 6 mg/m2/d for the last five patients. One patient with a poor initial performance status (three in the WHO scale) stopped his treatment on the 6th week due to a grade 3 mucositis with deglutition pneumonia. He died 2 months later with progressive carcinoma. For one other patient, treatment was discontinued for 1 week after 48 Gy, due to a grade 3 mucositis. The other patients completed the planned protocol without any interruption. Mucositis (grade 3 in two cases, grade 2 in four cases), dermitis (grade 3 in two cases, grade 2 in four cases) and neutropenia (grade 2 in two cases) were the most frequent acute toxicity. Of the seven patients treated with a curative intend, six are free of disease at 6 to 28 months after completion of treatment. A pharmacokinetic study showed a total platinum accumulation. The mean value at the end of treatment reached 1157 ng/ml. Only one patient experienced an accumulation of the ultrafilterable platinum (137 ng/ml at the end of treatment).

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