Human molecular genetics

The glycerol kinase gene family: structure of the Xp gene, and related intronless retroposons.

PMID 7987308


The human glycerol kinase gene family consists of at least six genomic loci, four of which encode expressed sequences. The X-linked gene responsible for GKD maps to Xp21.3. Analysis of cosmid and YAC clones shows that this locus is in excess of 50 kbp, and is comprised of 19 exons. In contrast, the remaining members of the gene family, on chromosomes 1, 4 and Xq, appear to be organized as intronless genes. Northern analysis shows expression of GK transcripts of three sizes in a wide range of adult tissues. Only the smallest hybridizing species is present in testis where it occurs at an elevated level. Two different testis transcripts have been identified and both of these originate from chromosome 4.